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News for the week beginning 17 June 2024 and Question of the Week “How involved should managers be in non-work issues affecting a team member’s performance?”
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Agree or Disagree?

Each week Ross & Adele tackle a question of the week. Sometimes the agree, sometimes they don’t but each question is answered with honesty and with a fun approach.

Questions come from those in the recruitment industry, industry events, emails and phone calls. Some we develop ourselves from conversations but we are always looking for more. We want our discussions to be relevant and insightful so you finish each podcast knowing more than you did before it. 

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Industry Leaders

With many years of recruitment experience starting from consultant to management level. Exposure to varied industries and insights.

Spicy Tea

Learn about the comings and goings of the industry and learn who is who and who is moving where as the information comes to light. We bring you all the spicy tea.

Question of the Week

Submit a burning question that you would like answered about all things recruitment. Don't be shy - we love a challenge!

Relevant News

Current, verified and up to date news across the Australian recruitment landscape.

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